Health Services

The Health Services Department gives utmost importance to the health of all the students and employees of Holy Name University. The department establishes a healthcare system which helps them function effectively in the campus.  The health care workers can provide emergency care for illness or injury, administer medications and simple treatments, render first aid, monitor for and control of the spread of communicable diseases in the premises of the university.  The department also provides basic dental services.  Appropriate referrals to health care providers are given to students and employees when there are cases beyond the capacity of the department.  It also gives health education and counseling in a variety of health and wellness topics and serves as a medical resource in the development of policies and procedures in the university.

Vision, Mission and Goals


            The Health Services Department of Holy Name University envisions a person with a strong conviction for the upliftment of the person's well-being, coupled with Christian value and willingness to commit oneself in building Christian communities.


            The department is committed to the:

  • Value of safety consciousness and life preservation;
  • Development of physical, mental and social well-being of the students and school personnel;
  • Creation and maintenance of healthy environment at school, home and community.



            We commit to:

  • To protect and improve the health condition of students and school personnel through medical advice;
  • To conduct health education programs and activities that would develop the total well-being of a person;
  • To create and maintain a healthy environment in school, at home and in the community; and
  • To acquire and maintain equipment and facilities to ensure that high professional standards are maintained for the care of the sick.

Services Offered


  • It is the appraisal and evaluation of the health and lifestyle of the students and personnel with an emphasis on education.


Services include:


  1. Periodic Physical Examination
  2. Medical Consultation
  3. Referrals to health care providers
    Issuance of Medical Certificate
  • It is the provision of dental services which helps promote and maintain good oral health of the school population through the prevention and control of dental diseases.


Services include:


  1. Dental Consultation
  2. Dental Examination
  3. Oral Prophylaxis
  4. Tooth Extraction
  5. Issuance of Dental Certificate
  6. Referral and Recommendation



-    It is the provision of emergency services in case of injury and/or sudden illness.


Services include:


  1. First Aid Treatment
  2. Blood Pressure check up
  3. Wound Dressing
  4. Cold Compress
  5. Hot Compress
  6. Splinting
  7. Oxygen inhalation
  8. Nebulization
  9. Suture Removal


  • This program is done in order to help support and enhance the health and well-being of students and personnel by addressing the physical and mental health needs as an integral component of learning, growing, thriving and succeeding.


Services include:


  1. Bulletin Board Display
  2. Distribution of Health Leaflets
  3. First Aid and Basic Life Support Training
  4. Chair-side Health Counseling
  5. Seminars, Lectures and Trainings
  6. Nutrition Education and/or Physical Fitness