Center for Guidance and Counseling Services

About the Guidance and Counseling Services

The Holy Name University (HNU) Guidance Services Department is a center with qualified and trained professional counselors who could offer services that include Counselling, Consultation, Referrals, Job Placements, Information Guidance, Testing and Assessments and other services related to Mental Health and Wellness.

Being an integral part of the programs and services offered by the university, the Guidance Services Department assists students in responding to significant intellectual, emotional, psychological, social, career and economic challenges through the implementation of a comprehensive guidance and counseling program. The department focuses on two types  of services, namely Counseling and Management, and Career Development and Training.


The Counseling and Management Services aim to facilitate and enhance student psychological well-being through academic achievement, personal growth and social development. They help address students’ difficulties in academic achievement, family relationships, psycho-social adjustments among transferees and shiftees, and their mental health issues, among others.

The second category is the Career Development and Training Forum on enriching students’ career, competence, placement and building industry partnerships for students’ career success. This category offers career fairs, career symposium, work interview, job placement, and job interview.

The department is composed of six offices one in Grade School, Junior High, Senior High,College,Testing Center, and Office of the Director.

Vision, Mission and Goals



A service – oriented center that empowers holistically – developed students to be ready to assume Christian responsibilities.



We commit ourselves to the:

  • Attainment of a well-balanced personality through self – discovery and self – acceptance;
  • Enhancement of life skills;
  • Development of individual potentials;
  • Internalization of Christian values.



We aim to:

  • Continuously create, develop and implement guidance programs and activities;
  • Provide counseling services and information guidance to assist students in their life difficulties;
  • Offer a variety of testing services as a tool for continuous self – growth;
  • Integrate Christian values in all guidance programs and activities.

Services Offered


  • Individual Inventory Service
  • This service involves the acquisition, maintaining and safeguarding of individual records of students. This service systematically collects, evaluate and interpret data to identify the characteristics and potential of every client. The data can be used in proper diagnoses, predicting progress and behavior for accurate placement and evaluation.


  • Counseling Services:
  • This is the heart of the guidance program. Counseling services assist the students in identifying and understanding their difficulties. It aims at the development of the students as unique individuals.
  • The Center offers the following types of counseling:
    1. The Individual Interview – this is intended for Transfer-in, Transfer-out and Shiftee students. A one – on – one interaction occurs between the counselor and the student to enlighten the latter’s decision on his/her reason for shifting to another course or transferring to another school.
    2. The Individual Counseling – This is another one – on – one interaction between the counselor and the client. This aims to aid the counselee in knowing himself better and assist him to be more responsible in solving his own problems.
    3. The Group Counseling – This is intended to assist students in their difficulties through group interaction. This aims to provide an avenue for students to share their personal and academic – oriented concerns and to gain insights from the sharing of other students.
    4. Distance Counseling – Counseling but with the use of digital platforms that provides secure audio-video conferencing to communicate with a client in real-time.


  • Testing and Evaluation Service
  • This aims to appraise students’ capacities and interests. The results from the assessment are used as basis in academic placement, academic advising and research.


  • Information and Group Guidance Services

These services provide students with varied information which have direct application to their daily living. The specific activities include:

  1. Orientation Activities which provide students with basic information about the school, its vision, mission, and goals, and the different services the university offers.
  2. Guidance Volunteers refers to an extension unit of the Guidance Services Department and is composed of college student volunteers. They assist in implementing some of the services rendered by the Guidance Services Department.
  3. Guidance Volunteers’ Retooling and Evaluation is an activity given to the peer facilitators at the end of every school year. An example of this would be forums and workshops on facilitating skills, work values and service.
  4. Job Knowledge Symposium – A symposium providing the graduating students with the necessary information and skills they need for job hunting and application. They will also be oriented about basic labor laws and policies.
  5. Parents’ Enrichment Session – An activity that provides information and knowledge to parents in how to best deal with and rear their children.
  6. Career Week Celebration – A week – long celebration that aims to aid students in their career decision – making.
  7. Leadership Training Seminar – A seminar that helps students be aware of their roles, duties, and responsibilities as leaders and to be responsive to the needs of their fellow students.


  • Support Groups / Programs
  1. Gabay Buhay – a support group for students who are either married or single parents to help them in their continuous development.
  2. KIDDOS – a support group for students with unconventional families to assist them in their psychological and emotional growth.
    1. KAISA – a series of activities intended for helping children of OFW parents understand and cope with their unique situation.
    2. HNUi – a support group for the international students of the university, focusing on their adjustment in school and in Bohol.


  1. Wellness Enhancement Programs
    1. Mental Health Awareness Program – a program that promotes mental health awareness and the over-all wellness of all college students.
    2. Drug Abuse Reduction Education – A program to educate the students on the ill-effects of prohibited drugs and to empower them to help eliminate drug abuse in the community.
    3. Prolife Program – a program that helps promote the culture of life by giving information on the preservation, protection of the sanctity of life and the dignity of family.
    4. Happiness Project – a program that helps students enhance their self-esteem and develop a positive outlook in life.
    5. S.T.A.R.S. (Students’ Talents Are Recognized and Showcased)- is a developmental program that aims to help exceptionally talented students develop their potentials by giving them enhancement sessions from talent experts.
Prof. Junith Angeli Pueblo, MA, RGC
Center for Guidance and Counseling Services