College of Arts and Sciences


About the College of Arts and Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences started as a small department called the Liberal Arts in 1950. The first curricular programs offered were the Bachelor of Arts (AB) Majors in Economics, English, Political Science, General Science, History, and Mathematics. Later, the AB English was changed to AB Literature per recommendation of CHED in 1990. In the same year, the AB Mathematics became the BS Mathematics.

In 2002, the BS Biology was offered followed by the AB Mass Communication, BS Psychology, and BS Criminology in 2003-2004. At present the curricular programs of the College are: BA Communication, BA Political Science, BS Biology, BS Psychology, and BS Criminology. The College takes pride in expanding its programs to include, Master of Arts in Public Administration, Master of Arts in Philosophy, and Doctor of Philosophy in Literature.

The College of Arts and Sciences is a multifaceted unit of Holy Name University that caters to the needs of students with inclinations in the fields of Humanities, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences. These fields make up the “heart” of a university education. The College offers holistic education that equips students not only with academic competence but also with a sense of social responsibility, moral integrity, and spiritual vivacity. The College is also named as the service department as it caters to the General Education (GE) Courses of all programs. The General Education courses provide the liberal arts background of all academic programs to produce professionals who can relate to various disciplines other than their own.

Vision, Mission and Goals


Model of Excellence in the Integral Formation of the Human Person


We commit to:
  • exemplify linguistic competence and media literacy for effective communication;
  • respond to the psychosocial realities through intensified research capacities and innovative instruction;
  • promote responsible stewardship of God’s creation; and
  • nurture a Christ-centered community upholding moral standards.


We aim to :
  • provide authentic opportunities that develop critical thinking skills;
  • discharge actively the functions of instruction, research and community extension;
  • employ scientific skills for sustainable development; and
  • lead in reviving and sustaining the Basic Ecclesial Community (BEC/GSK).

Academic Programs

Bachelor of Science in Biology

The BS Biology was offered in 2002. This is a four-year program that is  designed not only as a pre-medical course, but also as a preparation for advanced studies in Biology. The BS Biology has sufficient content and depth that offers a combination of theory and practice that encourages students to think, create, and engage. The department has laboratories and facilities necessary to facilitate student learning.

Graduates of the program can engage in teaching, research, government service, grant writing, development work, and advanced studies in Biology and allied/related fields.

Bachelor of Arts in Communication

Holy Name University is the first university in Bohol to offer Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication. In 2010, the AB Mass Communication was changed to BA in Communication based on CMO No. 10. The program aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills in the theory and practice of communication applicable in various professions and contexts, with focus on the media professions.

Graduates of this program may find employment as public and corporate information officers, communication researchers/analysts, communication/media planners and managers, project development officers, public relations and advertising practitioners, media practitioners, learning systems/multimedia designers, and other allied and related professions.

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

The AB Political Science has been considered one of the oldest degree programs in the College. In 2017, the AB Political Science was changed to BA Political Science based on CHED CMO No. 5. The program deals with the theory and practice of government, public policies, politics using humanistic and scientific approaches to prepare students for advanced legal studies, public administration, legislation and development work.

The program has produced a number of notable public and civil servants, lawyers, judges, media practitioners, businessmen, legal researchers, public administrators, corporate managers/planners, and development officers who have become successful in their fields of endeavors.

Bachelor of Science in Psychology

In response to the growing demand for quality education in Psychology, the College offered BS Psychology in 2003. The program focuses on the understanding of human behavior and mental processes. It also exposes students to research, laboratory work, and extensive on-the-job-training.

Graduates of the program can become licensed psychometrician, or work in the academe, in Human Resource and research. Graduates may also pursue careers in medicine, law, management, or specialization in Psychology such as clinical, counseling, developmental, educational, social, industrial/ organizational. The program has  contributed to the pool of professionals who serve Bohol and other provinces in the country and abroad. topnotchers in the national licensure examinations for Guidance Counselors (1st Placer) and Psychometricians (8th Placer).

Bachelor of Science in Criminology

Bachelor of Science in Criminology is a four-year program designed to prepare students for careers in law enforcement, crime detection and prevention, criminal investigation,  public safety, custody and rehabilitation of offenders, correctional administration, and criminological research. The program provides the students with the various theories, policies, practices, and laws associated with criminal behavior. The curriculum combines theoretical knowledge with practical application.

Bachelor of Science in Criminology proved to be the program that has inspired many of the young people who wanted to become part of the country’s growing number of police officers, traffic officers, police commissioners, politicians, crime busters/drug busters.

Graduate Programs

  • Master in Public Administration
  • Master of Arts in Philosophy
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Literature

Dean and Program Heads

Prof. Dr. Ramon A. Boloron

Prof. Dr. Charina I. Narido
Program Head
BS Biology
Prof. Dr. Anne Mariquit D. Oppus
Program Head
BA Political Science
Prof. Dr. Unilyn E. Solon
Program Head
BS Psychology
Prof. Divina Torralba
Program Head
BS Criminology

Prof. Dr. Socorro Anne R. Zaluaga
Program Head
BA Comm/General Education

Faculty Members


Prof. Mauricia S. Bapilar
MA in Science Education

Prof. Dr. Ramon A. Boloron
PhD in English

Prof. Engr. Angelita P. Gacera
MA in Science Education

Prof. Dr. Sheena B. Lacaba
PhD Public in Administration & Governance

Prof. Cathrine C. Napigkit
MS Biology

Prof. Dr. Charina I. Narido
PhD Biology-Marine Biology

Prof. Jay Jeorgienita T. Obenza

Prof. Dr. Anne Mariquit D. Oppus
PhD major in Public Administration

Prof. Dr. Crisanto D. Pancito
EdD Science Education

Prof. Engr. Nicetas G. Ruiz
MAED major Science Education

Prof. Noel P. Tuazon
Master of Fine Arts Creative Writing

Prof. Atty. Cheryl Ann S. Villares
MAED major Mathematics

Prof. Dr. Socorro Anne R. Zaluaga
DA Literature & Communication

Dr. Hyacinth N. Suarez
PhD in Biology


Mr. Jessie Kevin C. Arcadio
MA in Educational Management

Mrs. Kathryn C. Barrete
MS in Biology

Dr. Gyllevi Prylle F. Bongato
PhD in Counselling

Mr. Mark Louie C. Huraño
MA in English

Ms. Ethel D. Nabor
MAED major Mathematics

Mr. Paolo M. Rigotti
MS in Business Administration

Mrs. Pinky T. Rollorata
MA in Counselling Psychology

Mr. Ricio M. Salibay
MA Teaching major in Science Technology

Prof. Dr. Unilyn E. Solon
PhD Psychology major in Clinical Psychology

Ms. Hermae Joyce L. Toraja
MAED major in Mathematics

Prof. Divina G. Torralba
Master in Criminal Justice

Prof. Dr. Angelo O. Tubac
Doctor of Communication


Dr. Cenon R. Agbayani, Jr.
PhD in Technology Management

Dr. Anthony T. Albofera
PhD in Criminal Justice major Criminology

Mrs. Veronica S. Alpuerto
MA in Science Teaching-Physics

Engr. Gerry V. Araneta
Master of Ministry major in Administration & Development

Prof. Dr. Rosario M. Baseleres
PhD in Development Communication

Mr. Eutemio G. Biloy
MA in Science Education

Mr. Mark Mauris E. Cabahug
MA in Teaching Social Science

Mr. Ray Ann B. Cagampang
MA in Philosophy

Mr. Daryll Louis T. Camargo
MA in Philosophy

Prof. Erico Joseph T. Cañete
MA in Values Education

Prof. Dr. Alvin J. Carreon
PhD in Psychology

Mrs. Ezra May A. Corona
MA in Teaching Social Science

Dr. Anthony R. Damalerio
DM major in Human Resource Management

Prof. Dr. Esmeraldo E. Damuag
PhD in Criminal Justice major in Criminology

Prof. Marecela L. Diloy
MS in Food Science

Dr. Fr. Jose Conrado A. Estafia
Doctorate in Philosophy

Mr. Crisanto Jose O. Estonina
MA in Psychology

Fr. Felmar C. Fiel
MS in Development Communication

Dr. Teresa C. Garcia
PhD in Education

Ms. Jemimah Joy I. Guarin

Ms. Flora Mae D. Gudez

Ms. Charmaine H. Honculada

Dr. Ma. Laurice P. Jamero
PhD in Sustainability Science

Prof. Dr. Fe R. Janiola
PhD in Education major in Research & Evaluation

Mr. Joseph C. Lajera
MS in Criminal Justice

Prof. Dr. Fr. Ruel F. Lero, SVD
PhD in Extension Education minor in Development Communication

Mrs. Almira G. Lim
MS in Criminology

Mrs. May D. Limbaga, CPA

Mr. Eduard D. Limbaro, Jr., RPm

Prof. Jose Marianito M. Luspo
MA in Values Education

PSMS Mr. Jess S. Martinez

Prof. Dr. Victoria C. Millanar
EdD Science Education

Dr. Vanzniel Rover A. Nillama
PhD Criminal Justice

Mrs. Pricilla Banessa N. Ocon
MA in Philosophy

Prof. Dr. Asuncion P. Pabalan
PhD in Educational Management

Ms. Liza Bea M. Paroginog

Dr. Bonifacio M. Quirog Jr.
PhD in Human Resource Management

Mr. Khris Marc M. Ronquillo
MA Psychology

Prof. Atty. Dodelon F. Sabijon
PhD in Criminology
PhD in Human Resource Management
PhD in Public Administration

Prof. Dr. Engr. Juliet M. Salgados
EdD major Science Education

Mrs. Maria Fe Evelyn L. Tampos
MAED in Teaching Elementary Education

Prof. Dr. Frederico B. Ticong
Doctor in Public Administration

Prof. Atty. Br. Irol A. Torres, SVD

Prof. Atty. John Titus J. Vistal
Master of Regional Economic Development

Research and Publications

The Critical Significance of Teaching Strategies for English
Published in the JOURNAL OF WORLD ENGLISHES AND EDUCATIONAL PRACTICE (JWEEP) Vol 2, No. 2, 2020 ISSN: 2707-7586 (Online)

The Readiness of Mathematics Teachers in Teaching K-12: The Spiral Approach
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Otherizing the Badjao: A Spatial Imagery of State Exclusion and Societal Otherization
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Connectivity and Inter-Dependence: Evolving Social Networks in Pamilacan Community Tourism
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Vol 46, No 3, 2015 ISSN: 1341-37322189-9126

Student Organizations

Organization Student Membership
Students’ Action Vital to the
Environment and Mother Earth
(SAVE ME Movement)
BS Biology
Crime Knights BS Criminology
Neo_Psych Society BS Psychology
The Communicators’ Guild BA Communication
Philippine Political Science Association BA Political Science