Center for Religious Education and Mission


About the Center for Religious Education and Mission

Holy Name University as a Catholic institution upholds to assure in an institutional manner a Christian presence in the university world. It also pursues its objectives through its formation of an authentic human community animated by the spirit of Christ (Ex Corde Ecclesae 3; 21). This is by means of creating the Center for Religious Education and Mission (CREaM) and introducing classes in values and religious education from the primary to the tertiary levels.

The Center for Religious Education and Mission provides a central office to efficiently oversee the Catholic/Christian presence in all sectors of the institution. It has two-fold characteristics or natures. One is Academic and the other is Pastoral. The center is responsible for the course offering, contents as well as teachers of Values Education at the Basic Education Department and the course offering, contents, and teachers of Religious Educations of the College Department. It also facilitates mission awareness and spiritual upliftment of students, faculty, non-teaching personnel, and administrators of the university through its pastoral programs and activities.

The HNU Board of Trustees approved for the establishment and implementation of the center on June 17, 2017 with Fr. Samuel D. Clarin, SVD who serves as the Presidential Assistant for Religious Education and Mission.

Vision, Mission and Goals


The Center that engages in prophetic dialogue towards holistic and spiritual transformation of servant-leaders called to give Witness to the Word.


 We commit ourselves to:

  • nourish the culture of prophetic dialogue,
  • the continuous holistic formation and transformation thru instruction, research, and community extension, and
  • be faithful witnesses to the word in the world.


We aim to:

  • provide spiritual atmosphere and animate the personal experience of God;
  • communicate and collaborate with various sectors of the community;
  • journey with community in living the call for mission;
  • get involved in the formative and celebrative activities in the light of the Arnold Janssen Spirituality.

Programs and Services

The Center for Religious Education and Mission (CREaM) activities are categorized mainly into four areas, using the acronym L.O.V.E. which stands for Liturgical, Organizational, Vocation-Animation, and Educational-Pastoral. Each area is patterned on the SVD’s four-fold characteristic dimensions namely; Bible, Communication, Mission Animation, Justice Peace and Integrity of Creation (JPIC).


Liturgical Activities (Bible or Scriptural based):


  1. Celebration of Sacraments
  • Holy Mass (daily mass at the chapel, requested or scheduled departmental masses, etc.), annual confirmations and baptism (occasional).
  1. Prayer Services
  • blessings, opening prayers, para-liturgical activities, bible enthronements, etc.
  1. Novenas and Devotions
  • daily rosaries at the chapel, novenas to Mother of Perpetual Help, St. Arnold Jansen, and St. Joseph Freinademitz, BEC Clusters’ Patron Saint feast days, Flores de Mayo, and annual Pilgrimages to the different shrines of the Virgin Mary.
  1. Taize Prayers once-a-week at the University Chapel


Organizational-outreach activities (JPIC outlined):


  1. Linkages with other sectors include dialogue with other cultures and religions in and outside the school campus;
  2. Organizational meetings intended for initiating, planning, and coordinating activities with the different sectors of the community;
  3. Catechism in Public Schools help to teach basic knowledge of faith to the children in public schools and other specialized Christian communities;
  4. Linkages with the Local Church maintain HNU’s involvement, coordination, and collaboration in the activities of the local church; and
  5. Community Services include outreach activities to the different sectors in the community as planned and scheduled.


Vocation-Animation Activities


  1. Symposia or fora on vocation and mission. These activities are usually conducted in September known as  the SVD Mission month and/or in November on the occasion of the Diocesan Vocation Promotion Month (DVPM) celebration
  2. Vocation Jamboree. This is  usually done  during DVPM in November.
  3. Arnold Janssen Spirituality (AJS). This is a reflection seminar given to employees and CREaM student organization members.
  4. AJF Panagtapok. A biennial gathering, it provides the spiritual sons and daughters of St. Arnold Janssen (Arnoldus Family) opportunities to reconnect and experience deeper friendships with fellow members .
  5. Hearts on Fire. It is a Summer Youth Camp  designed to animate the God-experiences of the young.


Educational-Pastoral Activities (enhance Communication)


  1. Basic Ecclesial Communities. These refer to clusters of HNU employees.  Forming them into small groups or communities gives them the opportunity to participate in faith development activities while they are performing their professional duties.
  2. Retreats and Recollections. These are activities for spiritual upliftment given to employees and graduating and non – graduating students.
  3. Faith and/or Bible Sharing. This is part of the activities  done during the meeting of clusters.
Witness to the Word courses.  These include subjects Witness Society, Witness Culture and Witness Science which are   given to all students who enroll in HNU.

Presidential Assistant and Chaplains

Fr. Nestorio Ubalde, SVD
Director, Center for Religious Education and Mission
Fr. Eufemio Sombrio, SVD
Fr. Charlton G. Plateros, SVD, RN
Integrated Basic Education Department
Chaplain / Operations Manager of Retreat House

Center for Religious Education and Mission Faculty Members


Prof. Josefina Cemine
MA in Religious Education

Prof. Jocelyn Tagaro
MA in Religious Education

Mr. Rufino Ocon
MA in Theology Major in Religious Education

Prof. Dr. Sheena B. Lacaba
Ph.D. in Public Administration

Mrs. Felicidad Auxtero
MAED-Administration & Supervision

Ms. Mia Geonzon

Mr. Charlie Batingal

Mrs. Noemi Digal
MA in Education-Teaching Elementary Subjects

Mr. Celso Tabaranza
PhD in Education Major in Research & Evaluaton

Fr. Nestorio H. Ubalde Jr., SVD
AB Philosophy/Theology

Fr. Charlton G. Plateros, SVD

Fr. Eufemio Sombrio, SVD
MA in Philosophy


Mrs. Ruth Ricardo Vidal

Mrs. Maria Theresa Lim Jabines, JD


Frater Mark Francis Acosta, SVD

Mr. Loreto Auxtero
MAED-Administration & Supervision

Sr. Ma. Bernardita S. Mendez, SFCC